The manifest (wapm.toml) is optional for using the wapm CLI tool; it manages package dependencies, metadata and commands.
However, a manifest is required to publish to the WAPM registry.
If you want to get assistance creating the wapm.toml file you can simply run wapm init in your directory and the CLI will guide you!
The manifest file contains 4 sections:


Valid keys are:
  • name (string) required
  • version (semver version) required: a valid Semantic Versioning version.
  • description (string) required
  • license (spdx identifier): can be MIT or GPL, for example.
  • license-file (path): an override for the license file path used in publishing. Left undefined, the LICENSE file will be implicitly included in the package.
  • readme (path)
  • repository (url)
  • homepage (url)
  • wasmer-extra-flags (string): extra arguments to pass via wapm run, for example: "--backend=singlepass")


  • <namespace>/<name>" = "<version>


  • name (string) required
  • source (path) required: path to the .wasm file
  • abi (enum): one of: wasi, emscripten, or none


  • name required (string): the name of the command, invoked via wapm run <command-name>
  • module required (string): the name of the module this command is running.
  • package required (string): the package name that the module is in.
  • main_args
  • package


  • "location/on/wasm"="location/on/host": a mapping between paths
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