The WebAssembly package Runner 🏃🏽‍♂️
wax allows running any command available in wapm, directly in your shell, without global installations that pollute your directory.
wax is automatically available when you install Wasmer.
wax is a tool intended to ease the use of command-line WebAssembly applications on your system. Similarly to wapm, that allows the installation and usage of packages and commands, wax enables use of CLI tools without installing them globally or changing your PATH.
You can read more details about wax in our media announcement!

Technical details

To improve the developer experience, wax will automatically preopen the current directory by default (passing the --dir=. argument to the corresponding WASI runtime).
Signed packages are automatically trusted (if seen for the first time).
Packages are installed in a temporary folder in your system, so it doesn't pollute your environment