The WebAssembly shell is an online shell where you can drag-and-drop your WebAssembly modules to try them out, and also execute all the commands of WASI modules available in WAPM.
​WebAssembly.sh it's powered by Wasmer-JS.
It currently supports running modules with the following Application Binary Interfaces (ABIs):


The WebAssembly shell has a lot of nice features!
    The execution is entirely done in your Browser, no server-side interaction
    All WASI commands published to WAPM will be automatically available
    It works offline!
    You can drag and drop any WebAssembly WASI file to execute on your browser
    It has a filesystem! You can drag and drop any files into it and they will be added into the /tmp folder

Prebuilt commands

You can execute the following pre-built commands on the WebAssembly shell:


Will show you a help command


Will let you interact with all modules in WAPM, installing them and uninstalling automatically


It will show you the about page!


It will search the command in WAPM, and if any WASI module is published with that command, it will automatically attach it to the shell! πŸŽ‰
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