You can use Wasmer in your Rust projects to execute WebAssembly modules securely and conveniently.

Did you know ...?

Some of our language extensions are using the Wasmer Rust crate under the hood.
In this section we will go through the instructions on how to set up your Rust environment, to then visit different examples of how to use Wasmer in Rust.
wasmer - Rust

Published Crates

Wasmer publishes various Crates:
  • ​wasmer: The Wasmer Runtime
  • Compilers:
  • Integrations:
    • ​wasmer-wasi: Wasmer's implementation of the WASI standard. This allows you to run Wasm in a POSIX-like environment with a file system and permissions.
    • ​wasmer-emscripten: Wasmer's implementation of the Emscripten ABI. This allows you to run Wasm in a less sandboxed way in a 32bit Linux-like environment.
Now let's setup your Rust environment!
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