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Amazon Lambda

Wasmer Edge vs Amazon Lambda

Wasmer Edge and Amazon Lambda are both serverless platforms for running services at scale.


Wasmer Edge and Amazon Lambda share these similarities:

  • Fast startup times
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Both can run as idempotent functions (e.g. WCGI)


Wasmer Edge and Amazon Lambda differ in significant ways:

  • Wasmer Edge is more afforable than Lambda
  • Wasmer Edge is built on simpler and more scalable technology than Lambda (which is built on top of Firecracker)
  • Wasmer Edge doesn't require code changes in your application to run, while you need to adapt your code to use the custom Lambda SDK to run.
  • Wasmer Edge lets you reuse the same architecture to deploy your static assets and your dynamic websites, while Amazon Lambda focuses only on the dynamic requests and recommends using S3 for your static assets.
  • Wasmer Edge can run UDP and other protocols while Amazon Lambda can not.
  • Amazon Lambda has currently has more trigger options than Wasmer Edge