Get Started

Get Started with the Wasmer Registry

This page will guide you through installing Wasmer, and publishing a container in the Wasmer Registry.

Install Wasmer CLI

Install the latest version of Wasmer CLI following the instructions here.


You can see all commands available with wasmer --help. You can also read the CLI documentation online.

Log in into Wasmer

Create a new account in Wasmer (opens in a new tab). Then, log in into the Wasmer CLI and follow the provided steps to provide the CLI access to your Wasmer account.

wasmer login

Create a package

To create your first Wasmer pacakge simply run wasmer init.

This should have created a wasmer.toml file with contents similar to:

name = '<your-user>/<package>'
version = '0.1.0'
description = 'Description for package'
name = '<your-module>'
source = 'target/release/<your-module>.wasm'
runner = 'wasi'
name = '<your-module>'
module = '<your-module>'

You can check the manifest format here: Wasmer Package Manifest.

Once you have a wasmer.toml manifest, you can simply execute wasmer run in the CLI to run your package locally.

wasmer run . --command=<your-module>

Build your package

Now, create your WebAssembly modules:

cargo install cargo-wasix
cargo wasix build --release

Modify the wasmer.toml to point the module to the wasm file location target/release/<your-module>.wasm.

Publish your package

Now, simply run:

wasmer publish

This command will publish your package to the Wasmer Registry (opens in a new tab), so it can be used anywhere.