Wasmer Registry

The Wasmer Registry stores all Wasmer packages and allows exploring packages from other users and distribute your own ones.

You can explore packages published to the Wasmer Registry at (opens in a new tab) or you can also search for packages (opens in a new tab).

🐥 First Steps

To publish your first package, check out the Getting Started guide.


All packages published to the Wasmer registry will automatically be available to run with the wasmer CLI tool, but not just that...

  • Executables: The registry will automatically create executables for all platforms and chipsets, with no dependency of Wasmer
  • Automatic documentation: If you annotate your package with bindings, the documentation and APIs will be automatically generated for all programming languages.

WAPM (the WebAssembly Package Manager) has been unified with Wasmer Registry. You can now find all your favorite WAPM packages at